Sentinel I – Bronze

Seattle, WA

Both Bronze Sentinels are cast from the 1/3rd scale, clay maquettes for larger full-scale stone works carved in granite. These large scale stone sculptures were originally commissioned in 2010 and 2011 respectively. The cast Sentinels represent the first works by the artist in bronze and extend Mr. Rhodes’ interest in “forever” materials into a new medium. The works were cast at the Fonderia Artistica Battaglia in Milan.


The bronze Sentinels shown are part of a larger limited edition of 8 to be made during the artist’s lifetime.  Sentinel I bronze has been exhibited internationally at Sculpture by the Sea- Bondi (2012) and Sculpture by the Sea- Cottesloe (2013 and 2014). They are both currently on exhibition in London and Aspen.  Contact the artist to arrange for further information.

Sentinel I- bronze, a torso in two parts, measures 26” (650 mm) tall.

Sentinel II is one-piece and measures 29” (740 mm).

Associated Professionals

Fonderia Artistica Battaglia