Sentinel I (Sentinel Series)

Mercer Island, Washington

Sentinel I is the first in a long series of abstract figurative sculptures in the Sentinel Series, all designed to stand witness in the landscape. Installed in the interior courtyard of a lovely waterfront home, the sculpture may be viewed from multiple rooms or enjoyed outdoors from within courtyard itself.

Measuring 8’ tall, the form was hand-carved in granite. The two separate pieces fit together precisely. A small amount of water is emitted from the inner shelf at the top of the form, allowing it to seep slowly down the front and back faces. This water is recirculated from the smaller stones at the base. Rather than transforming the work into a fountain, water is added to highlight and explore the different features of the stone when wet and dry.

The surface of the granite has been elaborately textured, the result of dressing with the hand-chisel. This texture inhibits the even flow of water, causing the sunlight to reflect back to the viewer in subtle ways.

As a general rule, Rhodes does not name his pieces. Without that written clue from the artist, the visual of the sculpture stands fully open to interpretation by the viewer. This allows the audience to come to their own conclusions about its meaning. In this case, the commissioning family decided that the work represented their marriage: how they have come closer together over many decades and in that process, their union has created its own unique form.

The maquette for this work has been cast by the artist in bronze in a limited edition of 8.