Madison Lake Front

Seattle, Washington

Located on the shores of Lake Washington, the residence is clad in hand-carved sandstone mixed with a rustic field stone from Buck’s County. The antique and reclaimed pavements have been sourced worldwide; from small auction lots in France to large-scale reclamation projects in Asia.

A newly added 7000 square foot terrace completes the luxurious landscape. Pedestal set, the 500 year-old reclaimed granite pavements weave a large-scale herringbone pattern while absorbing the endless precipitation of the Seattle winter.   Pedestal setting allows the terrace to be set level (the slab underneath takes care of the drainage), thus the sculpture, furniture and cocktails remain perfectly upright without unwanted inclination.


Associated Professionals

  1. Local Project Architect
  2. Olson, Sundberg
  4. Kundig & Allen Architects