Artist Tables

Seattle, Washington

Stone is meant to be touched.  It improves amazingly with wear, becomes something burnished, better.  Sometimes water acts as the agent of change, wearing down the edges, smoothing over any natural brittleness. Sometimes stone gets worn by centuries of human footsteps traveling long roads to markets, to worship, to home.  The tops of these artist tables – the first of my Artist Furniture Series – are formed from ancient granite stair blocks, and their smooth surfaces bear witness to between six and nine hundred years of architectural wear.   The blocks have been re-purposed and re-crafted into tables meant to sit at the center of human social exchange. Whether used as outdoor feast tables or communal tables in more public spaces, they are designed to extend and nurture human fellowship.  

Creating sculptural objects that are visually beautiful and physically useful is a privileged part of my design practice.  Each table is individually signed and, like much of my work, each lies at the intersection of architecture and sculpture.  Each inhabits a liminal space between monumental and intimate, a space rarely explored.  

I invite you to join me on my creative journey, as client, critic or collaborator, perhaps abound one of these very tables.