Rhodesworks Design Studio (Rhodesworks) seeks proposals in response to Resolute Arch, the new sculpture by studio principal Richard Rhodes. The sculpture, a granite arch broken near its apex, will premiere at Burning Man in 2018; from there, it will travel for the next three years, to be installed in five different cities around the world.

This Ideas Competition, organized by Rhodesworks, invites emerging artists to imagine a site-specific, dramatic, and meaningful context for Resolute Arch.

Proposals shall indicate a specific installation site for Resolute Arch, and may further include forms such as spatial interventions, ephemeral performances, artistic designs, or other creative forms not mentioned by this brief, that would activate the sculpture in the given context

Five entries will be selected as winners. Authors of the five winning proposals will join Resolute Arch Art Support Camp at Burning Man located in Black Rock City, Nevada, USA. Each winner will be given an early-entry ticket to Burning Man (26 August–3 September, 2018) and a $1,500 (USD) stipend for logistical support and travel to the event.

The competition is free of charge, and open to artists from anywhere in the world who are currently enrolled in a university arts program, or within five years since graduation.

Proposals shall be submitted in English, via email by 1 May, 2018 (23:59 PST).

Competition winners will be announced by 15 May, 2018.

For more information, please contact the competition managers: competition@rhodesworksdesign.com

Resolute Arch is a granite sculpture conceived by Richard Rhodes, Principal of the Rhodesworks Design Studio. The Rhodesworks Team will install the 20’6’’ (6.1m) tall sculpture at Burning Man (Black Rock City, Nevada) in August 2018. Afterwards, the arch will travel for three years to different locations around the world.

Rhodesworks Design Studio invites emerging artists to propose any form of ‘contextualization strategy’ that generates a place-specific narrative for the sculpture Resolute Arch.

Proposals shall identify provocative sites, conditions, and/or events in which Resolute Arch may be installed at some point over the next three years. It is essential that entrants suggest contexts with which they have personal familiarity; preference is awarded to those whose proposals are located in their home town, or city.

The proposed strategy should reflect on the relationship between Resolute Arch and the recommended location, as well as the legacy that the artwork will generate in relation to the suggested context. Submissions should include a project proposal, identifying a social, political, or business approach; local partners or institutions; as well as an argument for the installation of the arch in the context proposed.

Resolute Arch intends to generate diverse meanings and interpretations as it engages with each successive installation site. What meaning can a site give to the arch? What meaning can the arch give to a proposed site?

The proposed location and context for Resolute Arch should trigger different meanings and conversations depending on its institutional status, accessibility, as well as its position within global, and local, structural, infrastructural, and geopolitical systems.

What do “site-specificity” and “context” mean today? The context is not only the physical terrain where Resolute Arch will be located, but also the political setting, collective imaginary, and its relation to the global movements of materials, people and information.

What will the proposed context mean for Resolute Arch? What will it add or take away from its biography? How will the location and proposed artistic tactics inform the legacy of Resolute Arch?

How would Resolute Arch transform or reinforce the narrative of place at the proposed location? What sort of scenario would be sparked by the interaction between the sculpture and its context?

Resolute Arch is a hand-carved sculpture in granite by Richard Rhodes, principal of Rhodesworks Design Studio. Consisting of 26 stone voussoirs, the total weight of the piece exceeds 28 tons (25.4 tonnes).The parabolic arch stands 27’ (8.23 m) wide at the base and 20’6” (6.1 m) tall.  At the Burning Man exhibition, the sculpture will sit on a ramped base, 18” (46cm) above grade.

Near its apex, a stone is broken, missing from the structural curve of the arch. The missing stone, having apparently fallen to Earth, offers—to those bold enough to take it—a seat beneath the improbable structure.

Richard Rhodes, the creator of Resolute Arch, writes,

“The act of forming meaning has atrophied in contemporary culture. Artworks that visually challenge us, open symbols, offering neither pre-packaged explanations nor pat conclusions, exercise our faculties, forcing us to resolve our perceptions and excavate our baseline value systems. Powerful and fragile, durable and temporary, discontinuous and resolved, Resolute Arch is a portal open to the meanings and revisions of our culture, past, present, and future.”

Photos on the left: half scale model and diagram.


Submissions should include the following:

1) Motivation Letter (max. 250 words / 1 page)

Please tell us who you are, why would you like to take part in this project, and how it relates to your own practice.

2) Proposal (max. 500 words / 3 pages)

Proposals should include a brief text introducing concept and strategy; a site plan or diagram; and compelling images of the arch in context. A large-format image with overall view of the proposed arch installation is strongly encouraged. Other digital formats (links to a video, etc.) will be considered.

Rhodesworks seeks proposals that are contextual, brave, original, and critical, and (theoretically) feasible.

Proposals should answer the following questions:

– What is the narrative that you want to build around Resolute Arch in the specific location that you propose? Why is it relevant?

– How would you achieve it? You should include an abridged ‘implementation strategy’ that includes a tentative budget and your envisioned project timeline.

– Who would help you? Please list potential project partners and collaborators, indicating their role in the project.

3) Portfolio of past works (max. 3 pages)

Show us the type of work you do: a selection of your previous works over a maximum of three pages. If relevant, include links to online content (max. 3 links).

4) Proof of enrollment in an academic or apprenticeship program (1 page)

Please include a copy of Student ID or graduation diploma, or other documentation that confirms status as a student, or graduate within five years of completing studies.


All applicants will be contacted by the competition organizers via e-mail confirming the reception of their submissions.


All submissions should be :

-Written in English

-Saved as a single pdf

-A4/Letter size (landscape or portrait)

-A maximum of 8 pages

-Less than 10MB

-Named following this format:  Surname_Name_RAcompetition.pdf


Applications will be accepted only via e-mail.

Participation in the competition is free of charge.

Proposals must be sent by email to competition@rhodesworksdesign.com by 1 May, 2018 (23:59 Pacific Standard Time).

The winning proposals may or may not be realized by Rhodeswork Design Studio, but will be published and featured as winners on the Rhodesworks website.



Five entries will be selected as winners. Authors of the five winning proposals will join Resolute Arch Art Support Camp at Burning Man in Black Rock City, Nevada, USA.

Each winner will be given an early-entry ticket to Burning Man 2018, and a $1,500 (USD) stipend for logistical support and travel to the event.

Each winner will be responsible for making their own visa and travel arrangements, including insurance. Rhodesworks will provide a letter of invitation if needed.

All applicants will be contacted via e-mail regarding the results of their application by 15 May 2018.



The winning proposals will be selected by a Jury composed by:

Richard Rhodes, Rhodesworks Design Studio

Himali Singh Soin, Writer/Artist

Liva Dudareva + Eduardo Cassina, METASITU

Kuba Snopek, Research Urbanist

Pierre Escobar, Architect and Founder at L’atelier

The Jury will judge submissions based on the significance of the context proposed, the potential of the strategy to install and activate Resolute Arch in the specified location, and the feasibility of the scheme. Applicants are encourage to submit conceptually and graphically bold proposals.

The competition is organized by Rodesworks Design Studio, and managed by METASITU.

Rhodesworks Design Studio

Rhodesworks Design Studio is an international sculpture practice based in Seattle.

Richard Rhodes, sculptor, stonemason, and scholar of stonework worldwide, directs the studio. Rhodes was trained by the ancient masonic guild of Siena, Italy, and has since worked at the cutting edge in all aspects of stone design and construction. Rhodeworks specializes in stone and bronze sculpture as well as stone architecture. Working hands-on with a global network of collaborators, the studio consistently pushes the limits of stone’s material potential. Resolute Arch, in development for over seven years and now ready for its premiere, is representative of the studio’s ambition to create works at the intersection of timeless forms and contemporary technique.


METASITU is a research-based art practice based in Kyiv and Athens, abusing urbanism discourses, and developing new tools to empower individuals in the way they relate to the territory. Founded in 2014 by Liva Dudareva and Eduardo Cassina, METASITU was born with the goal of establishing emancipatory narratives around the way we inhabit space. Through the curation of urbanism festivals, directing educational programs, enabling real estate transgressions, proposing workshops, performing lectures and disseminating videos, METASITU opens up new discursive lines, by involving different actors into challenging spatial narratives.


The competition is free of charge, and open to individual artists, architects and designers regardless of disability, affectional or sexual orientation, gender identity, ethnicity, national origin, age, or socioeconomic status, who are currently enrolled in a university or apprenticeship program anywhere in the world, or within five years since graduation.

Your studies or background do not have to be restricted to the field of Fine Arts, Architecture, or Design, but you should demonstrate an artistic trajectory in your practice.



1 April, 2018 : Launch of the Open Call

1 May, 2018 (23:59 PST) :  Application deadline

15 May, 2018: All applicants receive a jury decision regarding their proposal

24 August, 2018: Winners arrive at the Resolute Arch Art Support Camp in Black Rock City, Nevada, via Reno, USA.

6 September, 2018: Winners depart from Black Rock City.

2018-2021: Resolute Arch is installed in five different locations around the World.


For any questions, please address: competition@rhodesworksdesign.com




Rhodesworks Design Studio is pleased to announce the five selected winners of the International Ideas Competition for Resolute Arch. The selected project authors were among an impressive pool of proposals received from around the world.


We would like to congratulate the five winning proposals that were carefully selected by this year’s jury members and will be joining Rhodesworks Design Studio at Burning Man this year:


Dana Kosmina (Kiev)

Dharma Wijaya (Hangzhou)

Youssef El Chidiac (Beirut)

David Hutchins (Butte)

Lina Bondarenko (USA-Mexico border)

Once again we would like to thank all those who applied. We feel honored for your interest in the competition.